Elantre - The Fashion Society

Elantre the French word means, Be Elegant and this is what we want our young ladies to be Elegant, Smart and Confident, when they step out in the World after their college. Elantre, The fashion society was formed in the year 2014 with the objective of giving our girls a platform wherein they could portray their talent in the field of Fashion’. Today’s youth is versatile and wants to explore the non-traditional arenas where they make their mark. One of them being The Fashion World. Our girls have proved it right by bagging so many awards in the year of the inception of the society .Elantre also gives an advantage to the girls to pursue Fashion as a career after completing the college. The keen interest shown by the girls and their remarkable hardwork has made this Society leave a mark wherever they went. It is quite evident from the media attention they have received. A bright future is lying ahead of this Society provided they are supported and our college never shies away from this. The faculty and the Principal of the college have been ever supportive and encouraging the young lasses of our college.

In 2015 Elantre has been awarded “Best Fashion Society of Delhi”