Enabling Unit

The Enabling Committee for Persons with Disabilities, Bharati College is a statutory body of the college. Structurally, it comprises of one chairperson, three to four teaching staff representatives from across departments, and representatives from the non-teaching staff; all differently-abled students are part of it. It also shares a student volunteer base with the Equal Opportunity Cell of the college, with which it often works in tandem.

The Enabling Committee oversees admission of persons with disabilities; three percent seats in all undergraduate courses are reserved for candidates with at least forty percent physical disability, and, moreover, selected candidates do not have to pay any fees. The Committee is further tasked with sensitisation in relation to, and empowerment, and resource and infrastructural augmentation, for differently-abled members of the college. To do so, it keeps a close watch on the infrastructural needs of differently-abled persons within the college, and has in the past few academic sessions addressed the same by having Braille signage installed in various key places across the college; by creating ramps for safer and convenient mobility for the differently-abled; by creating separate lavatories for the differently-abled; by creating a Knowledge Hub, equipped with laptops with relevant reading software and reading material in Braille, for the exclusive use of visually-challenged students; and by routinely shifting the timetable so that classes for students with loco-motor disabilities are held on the ground floor. It also attempts to tackle social taboos attached to disabilities by organising workshops and lectures on the same for the college community at large, works towards building self-confidence in our differently-abled students by routinely organising personality development and skills augmentation workshops for them, and prepares them for employment by holding career counselling sessions and by organising special placement drives in collaboration with the Placement Cell of the college.

To volunteer, or in case of queries, email to enablementcommittee@gmail.com,