Jagriti Women Development Cell

Jagriti, the Women’s Development Cell (WDC) of Bharati College takes its mandate from the Women’s Studies and Development Centre (WSDC), University of Delhi, and aims to:

  • Address women’s issues in higher education.
  • Encourage women’s and gender studies in the University.
  • Place through its activities women and gender at the centre of its inquiry focusing mostly on multidisciplinary perspectives of class, caste, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, age. It also addresses several other contemporary socio-political issues concerning women.
Towards these aims, Jagriti has evolved a comprehensive plan of year-round, inter-college interactions, interventions, workshops, seminars, film screenings, and public reading sessions through which it engages the larger student community with such issues as gendering of persons and spaces, sexual and reproductive health and rights, sexual harassment in public and private domain, conception and consequences of gendered sectarian violence, safety in public transportation, and women’s voices and agency in public and private domain. To ensure maximum student participation, it conducts all its activities bilingually, in Hindi and English.

It also encourages women students to involve themselves in higher education and research by providing knowledge of various scholarship and fellowship available for them in the country and abroad.

A counselling centre will also be formed shortly within the cell to address various psychological issues that traumatise women students which either mentally or physically or both.

A safety audit of the college premise and its surroundings was undertaken and CCTVs were installed in all the key positions of the college to ensure maximum safety of the students. The cell also emphasised on the need of sanitary despinsing machine and today college boasts of installing five such machine for students and teachers.

Organisationally, Jagriti comprises of two faculty coordinators and one co-opted member, if required along with four student coordinators from across sections and disciplines. Our student coordinators are expected to actively engage with issues of gender mainstreaming, and to realise its politics in their day-to-day life. To join as a student coordinator, or for any other details, feel free to contact our present convenor Dr. Sutapa Das personally or through mail at wdc.bharati@gmail.com