Principal’s Message:

Welcome to Bharati College,

I am certain your three years at the institution will transform your lives in many ways.  You are stepping into a very exciting phase of your academic and vocational careers. Your family and school have prepared you in many ways and now, they are setting you free to decide for yourselves, the paths you wish to choose. With choice and independence, come responsibility and our role to help you choose knowledgeably, think critically and ethically for your own benefit and development while contributing constructively to the nation and the world.

Our college like many others within the University of Delhi, is a great melting pot, bringing together students from different parts of the city, the country and South Asian and African countries. Being an all-girls college, it allows girls of different dispositions to bloom and become articulate, confident and strong women, with abilities to compete and co-habit in today’s dynamic society and economic markets. I am proud to share that when our students leave the college, they are completely transformed into confident humans ready to face the challenges and harsh realities of the outside world.

 The two-day long orientation program that we begin with, acquaints every new entrant with college ethos and how best to use their time with us for their all-round development. The college runs various societies and clubs to promote dance, music, photography, film study, fashion, debate, street and proscenium theater, environmental concerns and those of the differently-abled and the elderly. Talks, conferences, special lectures and group discussions are regularly organized and are open to all students to participate.

 The college has also a well-equipped placement cell. We take pride in the fact that a psychological counseling cell has been set up with  faculty members to counsel  students and deal with their day to day problems and frustrations. Physical health is equally important and taking this fact into consideration, the college has set up a fully furnished gym in 2011. We hope to make our newly constructed girls’ hostel operational by January 2017.

The college website is a resourceful portal to understand the college and its many attributes. We encourage students and parents to visit the website for a glimpse into recent updates and news.

I look forward to interacting with you during your time here at Bharati College. All the very best!


Dr. Mukti Sanyal