Self Help Cell-Learn and Earn

The Earn While You Learn Scheme

For the past many years, the staff of Bharati College had been running a Fee Waiver scheme under which students who could not afford college education were granted full fee waiver, including waiver of annual fees. This was an entirely voluntary effort run solely on donations from the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.

But with time it was observed that many students took undue advantage of the scheme. To put an end to the misuse we have started a Self Help Cell headed by Dr. Anupama Mahajan. This cell identified a number of areas where the college and its staff could absorb some extra help. Working with the Fee Waiver Committee of the college this cell then helped to place students who needed financial help in these areas. So students now earn as they learn ? and they get training not only in formal education, which is part of their curriculum but also practical training in book-keeping, file management, how to deal with medical emergencies etc. Most students so placed feel empowered because they do not have to beg for help, gain a sense of independence and worth and get some very useful training which will stand them in very good stead when they are ready for the job market.

Students in need of financial support are also offered the following options:

  • Pay fee in two installments
  • Pay fee in three installments
  • Earn fee through placement with the self help cell.
However, the College reserves the right to cancel fee waiver benefits if any student is found to be misusing it.