The name of the union shall be ‘Bharati college Students Union’ and will be referred to as BCSU hereinafter.


Its office shall be located in the premises of Bharati College.


All regular students( including post graduate students) of the college shall be members of BCSU and will form the General Body.

BCSU shall have an Executive Council ( EC) comprising elected student office bearers, 2 Staff  Advisors and the Chairperson. The Chairperson will be ex- officio the Principal of the college.

The student office bearers of BCSU shall be elected by the General Body of students every year and will constitute the Students Council(SC) . The constitution of SC will be as follows:-

·         President ( III  rd Year)

·         Vice President (IInd Year)

·         Secretary ( IInd Year)

·         Joint Secretary ( Ist/ IInd year)

·         Treasurer ( IInd Year)

·         One representative each from the  Ist, IInd & IIIrd Years

·         One representative from Post graduate.

In all there will be 9 members.

There will be staff advisors 2 in number. One of them shall be nominated by the Staff Council and the other will be nominated by the Students Council.


  • To promote the social, cultural and intellectual development of the students of the College
  • To look after and promote the welfare of the students and their wellbeing in the College.



In pursuance of the above aims and objectives the union is empowered to

Hold debates, arrange lectures, organize social functions and raise funds for such activities and perform other activities as will further the realization of the above aims and objectives.

Organize inter college activities, the annual cultural festival and inter college competitions and other similar functions.

Meet, discuss and make representations on matters concerning the common interest of the college.

Forward any particular grievance of any members of the BCSU after careful scrutiny and discussion in the SC to the Principal for suitable action.



Elections to the Students Council shall be held by secret ballot in the second week    of August or a nearby date as decided by a meeting of the staff Advisors and the Principal. The elections will be conducted by duly constituted election committee .

The rules and procedure of the election (subject to the rules as stated in the constitution) , the dates for nominations and with drawl , introduction, campaigning, polling,  counting of votes and declaration of results shall be notified by the staff Advisors with the approval of the Principal

Nominations shall be made on Nomination forms only, available with the Staff Advisors, duly signed and supported by relevant documents. The nomination forms shall be submitted to the Advisors , who will scrutinize them.

Qualification of  Candidates for Nomination:

  •   The candidate must be a regular, full-time student of the college.
  •  The candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the elections.
  •  The candidate should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the university or 75% attendance, whichever is higher.
  •  No candidate can contest for the same post for more than two terms.
  • The candidate should not have any previous criminal record, that is to say he should not have been tried and/or convicted for any criminal offence or misdemeanor. The candidate shall also not have been subject to any disciplinary action by the university or college authorities.
  • Participation in extra curricular activities in the college is essential and should be mentioned in the nomination form along with results.

 Instructions to  candidate for college elections:

  •   No posters or hand bills shall be pasted in or around the college.
  •  Hand bills may be distributed only personally amongst students.
  •  Any candidate or her supporters engaged in campaigning on the day of election will cause the disqualification of the candidate on the spot.
  •  Drum beating is not allowed for election campaign.
  •  No candidate shall indulge in any activity which may create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes, religions, etc.

Election related expenditure

  • The maximum permitted expenditure per candidate shall be Rs 5,000. This expenditure will be borne by the candidate herself. If the advisors and the Principal deem that a candidate has spent more than this amount on her election campaign she will be disqualified.
  • With the view to prevent the inflow of funds from political parties into the student election process ,  candidates are specially barred from utilizing funds from any other sources than voluntary contributions from the student body.



The new EC will start functioning immediately after taking the oath.

The Official Year of the students’ Council will be from 1st September of every year to 31st August of the succeeding Year.If due to any unforeseen circumstances the SC could not be formed by 1st September, then from the date of formation to 31st August of the following Year. Till a new EC is formed the old EC, if any, will continue.

All elected Students’ Council members should pass in all the subjects in the Annual Examinations held, failing which they would automatically cease to be members of the SC.

Any SC member absenting herself from three consecutive meetings of the EC , shall cease to be a member of the SC.

Temporary vacancies in the office of the SC for less than three months shall be filled by the candidate who got second highest votes for the same post in the elections.

A vote of no-confidence against any SC member may be moved by any member of the BCSU. The notice of such a motion shall be submitted to the Principal, signed by at least 10% of the student members of BCSU or 100 students of BCSU whichever is less.

The Principal , on receipt of such a notice and after being fully satisfied therein that the contents of the notice are of a substantial nature, shall call a special meeting of the BCSU ( General Body) within a fortnight from the date of receipt of the notice , to take necessary action. The rules governing this special meeting shall be as follows:

This meeting shall be presided over by the Principal

The quorum for this meeting shall be 60% of the membership of BCSU

The office bearer against whom the no-confidence motion is moved shall have the right to defend herself at this meeting, if she so desires.

The motion shall be deemed to have been passed if not less than 66% of the members present vote in its favor. The voting shall be by secret ballot.

If a motion is so passed by the BCSU against any office bearer, the office bearer concerned shall be deemed to have vacated office forthwith and will be debarred from standing for any post of the BCSU in future. A  fresh election be held for the post if the tenure is more than six months, else the vacancy can be filled as if it is a temporary vacancy.



1.      The BCSU (General Body) will meet minimum twice in the tenure of a particular union and the quorum will consist of  1/10th of the total number of members or 100 members whichever is less.

2.      The EC should have minimum one meeting in each term of the college and quorum will consist of 7 members including the Principal and minimum one staff advisor.

3.      The SC should have minimum one meeting in each quarter of its formation and minimum four such meetings must be held in the tenure of one year. The quorum for such meetings will consist of 5 members.

4.      There should be a minimum 7days notice for a general meeting and 2 days notice for any other meeting. However, in case of emergency meeting there is no such requirement

5.      There should be an Agenda also along with the notice except in case of an emergency meeting.

6.      All decisions will be based on majority except circumstances where provided otherwise. However, in the event of a tie the decision of the Principal shall be final.

7.      The President should call a general body meeting within 10 days if there is a requisition for the same by a minimum of 100 members.

8.      The President should call an SC meeting within 4 days if there is a requisition by minimum 5 members of the Students’ Council.

9.      All meetings except the EC will be chaired by the President. The EC meeting will be chaired by the Principal.

10.  The secretary shall take down the minutes. The minutes shall be recorded in a register and signed by all the EC members attending the meeting.




1.      The financial Year of the union shall be from1st September to 31st August of the following year.

2.      There shall be an annual subscription of the union which shall be collected through the college office along with the fees. The annual subscription can be increased or decreased by the EC if recommended by a majority of 2/3rd members of BCSU.

3.      As far as possible , sponsorship/donation money sought by the SC for major functions of the college , from outside agencies shall be taken by cheque payment in the name of the Principal, Bharati college. The same may be deposited by the advisors with the sanction of the Principal into the Students Union Account.

4.      The accounts of the BCSU shall be handled by one of the Advisors and the Treasurer SC

5.      All issues concerning expenditure shall be decided by the EC. For all major expenses the approval of the Principal shall be obtained.


The decision of the Principal in consultation with the Staff Advisors in respect of interpretation of the constitution will be final and binding on one and all.


An amendment to the constitution may be initiated and discussed only in the Executive Council and if passed by a majority of not less than 2/3rd , be put forth before the General Body.

After this it shall be referred to General Body of the college for approval or rejection. Again in the General Body the amendment should be passed by a 2/3rd majority, after which it will be accepted.

All amendments to the constitution shall be numbered and duly filed in office records.Every amendment must be signed by BCSU Students Council Members, Staff Advisors and the Principal, to make it valid.






I --------------------- (name); ------------------ ( post) ; of Bharati college Students’ Union

----------- (Year), swear to abide by the rules and regulations of the constitution and serve the interests of the college and the union to the best of my knowledge and ability.







List of students eligible for Student Union Election 2017-18


List of students disqualified from Student Union Election 2017-18