The Eco Club

Bharati college has Eco Club: Palaash which has organized various activities from time to time. The club organized visit of students to Aravali bio-diversity park to make them aware of flora and fauna which are not seen in the real world. Eco Club works along with CMS vanatavaran. Director CMS vatavaran has shared films and given tasks to student volunteers.

Student volunteers of Eco club have successfully organized with huge participation in Nature Walks, Tree plantation drive, Cleanliness drive. Eco club conducts green audit under which students count number of plants. Eco club has formed various brigades of students voltuneers like electricity brigade,water brigade,garbage brigade. These brigades monitor efficient and effective use of all the resources of the college.

Bio composting- Eco club uses horticulture and college canteen wastes for making organic compost and have 5 pits measuring 9*9. through this procedure Eco Club is able to generate compost only for the college gardens but also sells it to students, IIT and Army. The compost developed here does not use any chemicals and makes use of cow dung only for decomposing segregation of the compost is done by students only.

Burning of dry leaves is totally banned in college campus now in a move to protect air pollution. Rain water harvesting was started by college in 2002 designed and supported by science and environment department. With this water table has increased to 6-7 in comparison to neighbouring areas . It has also increased the quality of water.