Vigilance Awareness Week

The Vigilance Awareness Week presented a valuable opportunity to deliberate on issues of national importance. To spread awareness among students, the Debating Society of Bharati College-Chintan-organized the programme on 15 November, 2016 in association with the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). Our efforts received a shot in the arm with the generous sponsorship of the event- both in terms of prizes and in the context of resource persons by LIC. Shri Ashwani Agarwal (Manager EDMS), Sri R.K Kaul (Manager Health Insurance), Sri P.N. Jha (Manager Sales) and Shri Rajeev Gupta (Manager, Marketing) from the LIC joined us on the occasion of the debate competition and also addressed the students on a range of issues.

The topic for the debate was decided as ”Vigilance Takes Away Freedom” and the stage was set for an exciting clash of views on 15 November, 2016 in the Seminar Hall of Bharati College. The programme commenced with a few introductory remarks by Ms Archana Dixit- Convenor, Chintan, which set the tone for the event. In keeping with the theme of this year’s Vigilance Week-“Public Participation in Promoting Integrity and Eradicating Corruption”- a pledge on maintaining probity was administered to all those present inside the Seminar Hall by Shri R.K Kaul, LIC. This was followed by a brief introduction of the LIC by Shri Ashwani Aggarwal – who, in even the short span of time he spoke, was able to enlighten and impress the audience about the scope and diversity of roles performed by the LIC.

With this, the debate started in earnest. The three judges- Dr. Poonam (Associate Professor, Department of Commerce); Shri Nagendra Kumar (Assistant Professor; Department of History) and Ms. Savita Gemini (Assistant Professor; Department of Hindi) – took their seats and the first of the 12 contestants took to the podium.

Each of the speakers presented their own understanding of the subject at hand. It was interesting to see how many of them also interpreted vigilance in a very private or personal sense as well as discussing its implications for public life. The very active Q&A round that followed each presentation resulted in total participation of the audience as well. Indeed, a remarkable feature of the event was the enthusiasm of the audience on the day.

After the speeches, the judges promptly declared their verdict and the following were adjudged winners: Third position- Utkarsha; Second position –Tanu Tripathi and the First position went to Tanya. Prizes were given away by our eminent guests from the LIC. Prizes were also given for interjection. Feedback on the issues raised and the performance of the students was given by Shri P.N Jha and Mr Ashwani Aggarwal.

The Faculty also had an interactive session with the guests over tea and refreshments in the Principal’s Room.

Dr. Mukti Sanyal

Acting Principal. Bharati College